Dont miss this!!Mothers are virtues!!!!

How are we doing !

  Thank Goodness it's Friday,and the hussle for the week is over,so now it's time to make out time at least for myself and family.

That brings me to this question!!!do women have rest during the weekends,because they really have a lot going on for them in their homes, from cooking for the next week,washing,tidying up the house,taking care of the kids and finally tidying up her own self ,at least making her hair look good.

At times as a mother ,I begin to think how God has given woman the strength to carry out all these activities in her home.

Thumbs up ,for all the mothers, ladies ,in the house,God will continue to strengthen each and every one of us in our homes and continue to restore and sustain that peace that he has given us.

The funny thing is that if you walk into an untidy home most times,people begin to wonder what the wife or the lady in the house is doing to warrant the house to look this dirty.we should all remember we are home keepers and it wouldn't tell good of us to look dirty from the inside and clean outside.We should all be clean inside out.

For those of us that can't joggle things up,can get a help,hmmm but be careful though,you know what I mean,and don't leave every thing for the help to do,especially when kids are involved.

That brings me to this conclusion,as a woman you don't really get to like ,seriously have that rest during weekends ,but you are at peace in your home making it lovely and remember you  don't get to wake-up as early as weekdays because you are the boss or rather second boss of the house.Lol.well that's my two cents.

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Luv y'all.