Funny conversation between a Parent and a teacher! A must read!!!

Hello my dolls and dude,sorry I could visit here yesterday,work was very hectic.
Well,well are our kids doing in school for those of us married ,or those of us that are guardians to our nieces , nephews,little cousins.etc
I guess schools should be warming up for exams or concluding their continuous assessment test which usually comes before the proper exam.

How do we ensure these kids do their best in school? I have seen parents registering extra lessons for kids and making sure the look into their books to really see how they perform in their classwork and so on.kudos to those perents you really know what it takes

Meanwhile some other parents just want their kids to be flying to a new class not considering wheather they are good in what they do or not.
I happened to visit a secondary school to see a friend who tutors there,low and behold,I heard a parent complaining,' how can you ask my ward to repeat his class?can't I do any thing to revert that.

Teacher replied :No sir,you really can not revert that he failed all the important science subjects that should take him to the next class.

Parent:what are these important science subjects

Teacher:mathematics,physics,chemistry,biology,further maths etc.without these subjects what is he been promoted for and am considering changing his line too,instead of science class he should go for social science or arts.

Parent:Ah Noo I want him to be in science class but can't those subjects be erased from sciences.

Teacher:What !!!!he said Ohk let me direct you to the principle for further explanation.

Can you imagine the kind of guardian or parent this one is ? This is not a fabricateds story but happened live in front of me.

Please let's allow and encourage our kids to study what they want and not what we want.lets allow them to choose courses where their  strengths are.

It's better the grow up to be who they want to be and not what you want them to be.

I need your take on this too, and I wish all our children success in their forth coming exams.