feeling sexy during the hamattan season.

How are we doin!

December and hamattan, woow am so excited Dec is here and  guess what! it's my birth month . Well this month and hamattan goes hand in hand. Infact  they are twin lol. it's not every state that experience the effect of this hamattan, like those in the over populated state like Lagos don't even feel it that much, unlike those in the sparsely populated areas. One thing People dislike about hamattan is the excessive cold, but I do prefer cold to heat though. hahhahahaa.

Another effect of this hamattan is the fact that ,it

1.Breaks the lips and the feet. But it can be prevented by using lip gloss for the lips and using Punic stone or feet scrub to wash your feets daily and apply either glycerine or any cream made of petroleum jelly which can help sustain the skin and cause it not to dry up.

Well  ladies who loss their hair during this period should get this little secret. Always make your  hair during this period instead of Just packing it. it's either you fix weavon or you braid it either way is fine. For the braiders, always apply hair cream to your front line to  make it shiny and voila! your hair wouldn't have  losing effect during hamattan. They say it's during the hamattan season you tell who is neat=)) . Take care of yourselves this season and keep glowing for husbands,friends,who ever it may be and most importantly for those who are in the sparsely populated areas protect your self from cold  by covering up properly. you wouldn't love to end up in the hospital.

Love y'all