Have you ever thought of this before: A must read!

Have you ever thought of this before,do you have experience of such wrong friends

1.Who do you call a true friend?
2.How will you know your true friends?
3.In our country today do you think true friendship exist?

Hmmmmmm,this questions are really very important in our day to day life,when we try to integrate and interact with our folks,wheather in our business or daily activities.

We should all know that there is a verrrrry thin line between love and hate.So it's very important for us to choose our friends and not friends chose us.some people parade themselves as been a wonderful  and truthfull friend but to be frank,they are there Just to pull you down.

This brings me to the question of who do you call a true friend?A true friend is like a sibling,someone that can have your back at anytime no matter the circumstances.I once had a so called friend who I felt was a true friend,everyone in my family knew her,but I kept noticing something about her which I ignored,and over looked,but later after we both got married she did worse thing than  what she did before and we found our selves  apart.

Lesson 1.Never ignore any sign that is unpleasant,confront it and take a decision.
Well true friends never hurt each other,they might have arguments,and sometimes want to punch themselves but when the become sober the fix their issues and forge aheard.

How will you know your true friends?well it depends on what you want,a friend supports when you are down,friends should be able to give each other constructive advise .etc

In our country today do you think true friendship exist? I will say very well.
I want you guys to give me your bad /good experience of good friend.do you think true friendship exist?.I want to learn from you guys too.

Luv u y'all