Healthy life style a must read!!!!!!!!

We really don't have an option,we Just need to be healthy.

For us to keep our body healthy and fit, we must learn to eat and drink healthy.
what do I mean by eating healthy? Incorporating in balanced diet including fruits ,vegetables and water,in what we consume.

It  is said that water it's a substance which is colourless, tasteless and odourless.So,for you to kick start your day,it is very important to start off with early morning water therapy because it helps detoxify your body system for the new day.

How is this therapy done,it's very simple take a glass or two of water immediately you get out of  bed in the morning.That way if you are even constipated it will help your bowel movement to be easy.

Some of us when eating, we take a bottle of drink and place on our tables,that's bullshit,nothing replaces water,instead of the drink use water ,because you are adding unnecessary stuff into your system.

Veggies and fruits also helps the body in every aspect,they provide vitamins that helps the body  to function properly . Note this:  for your fruit to function properly ,it's better taken before any meal ,say like 30minutes to 1hour before your meal,that way your system wouldn't get messed up,like Tommy  been bloated and producing offensive and disgusting fart. LoL

The last and very important aspect of keeping healthy and fit it's exercising,come on,you got to move those joints make them flexible ,let your blood  keep circulating properly ,that way you wouldn't have any body pains which  Is caused by accumulated fat.

For those heavy eaters , please It's advisable to eat in portions or if you prefer bits ,it will amuse you that our body system just utilizes a little of what you have eaten and the rest will turn to waste then you will go fill up your loo .
Hope this little advise of mine has educated someone out there.

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Luv y'all