Its sunday!come on lets sing!!!!

Happy Sunday beautiful people. Please I beseech each and every one of us to go and worship our God for his faithfulness in our life's,for keeping us healthy ,strong and blessing the works of our hands.

When ever I go for mass as a Catholic ,there are several songs that make me wanna dance dance dance. Most of us will know the song very well.

                  WHAT SHALL I  OFFER TO THE LORD.

What shall I offer to the Lord to make him happy (*2)

What shall I offer to the Lord to please him.           (*2)

I may give him costliest of my shoes he may not
Take it.

I may give him pieces of my land he may not
Take it.

I may give him costliest of my house he may not
Take it.

Our loving heart !!!

Our patient heart!!!

Our humble heart!!!

Our caring heart he will loveeee!.!!!

I love, love this piece a lot. I really have lots of songs I enjoy,songs of praises,songs of worship that uplifts once soul. It's good to be!! ,always in his presence. It removes anxiety,hate and jealousy.when you are always in his presence, it makes one  embrace all those fruits of the holy spirit our Lord Jesus thought us to obey.

Let's make this fun,write down that song ,that makes you wanna jump ,dance ,clap in church. One thing we don't know is that God loves and adores praise and worship songs.
So come on  guys, let's do  this to glorify the Most High God.

 I go worship my God ohhhh!!!!! I go shout alleluya,

Me I go worship my God ohhhhh!!!!! My God do well
For me.

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Love y'all.