woohoooo! things we spend on.Money matters!!!dont neglet!

How much do you spend and what do you spend on? Woow, I really find this topic  very interesting, hehehe ,well  for me, I seriously have every month to do list,in that case ,I wouldn't  spend so much in a particular item and neglect others. It's all about our pocket and our salary scale you know what I mean .Lol Nigerian factor.

People have different needs and different wants at different times,but for you to be able to plan and utilize the amount coming in to your pocket or account, is very important. In that case you wouldn't be a pain in the neck on people, that's so annoying guys. There is this guy  I know,before we receive our alert for a particular month his wallet it's already empty.
What !! Guy what's up now! Plan within your income ,it doesn't pay to be extravagant ,it rather would result to insult.

Make a scale of preference ,if you don't have enough money to get all at once.it is better to still raise your head  up high and walk with respect and confidence,rather than known as borrow borrow. Lol.

When I was a kid I remember asking my mummy this questions ,our conversation thus

Me: mummy Christmas it's around the corner,we can hear gingles all over the television,radio,churches name it .

Mum : yes of course my baby,this is the season that Christ dead for us.

Me:yes mum I know that,what about our Christmas dresses, we haven't seen any commitment to it,from you and dad.

Mum: oh my baby, I see,that's the reason behind the whole Christmas questions, giggles! well things are a bit tight right now,you and your siblings just have to do with what you have ok!

Me: but no mum,my friends would be putting on new dresses.

Mum:you know what!!! Which do you prefer,a Christmas dress or your school fees.Which ever one you prefer I will make it happen, my baby you know there are other Christmases to be celebrated ,the fact that you don't have today doesn't mean next season we wouldn't get one for you.

As a child I quickly realized that school  for me , it's way more important than the Christmas  celebration at least for that period.

 scale of preference should go thus

1:  Children school fees: at least we know that it's per term,session or semester,which ever level your child this.

2:   House rent :for those not in their own house yet. Well the power of savings you can save and work towards it.with God all things are possible.

3:   Utility bills:water bills ,light bills,waste bills etc

4.  Food: at least there should be good food at home ,even if you and kids wants to sometimes eat out,you can't be eating out every day am I wrong!

Personal items you can't  joke with as a lady. Shhhhhhhhh! It wouldn't break a bank

Shoes for work, cloths, handbags,wristwatches,perfumes,makeup kit.  These are  little items and the  list goes on and on , the interesting thing is that majority of these personal items are affordable, as a  lady you need this things everyday all day. We can't forget our kids cloths shoes etc.they too have to come out shining like the stars they are.

Let me know your thoughts on this please , I know I might have skipped something  or neglected an area of concentration ,I would equally  appreciate if you can pen down your own scale of preference ,how you spend and what you spend your money on.

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Luv y'all