you cant miss out on this!!Blissful marraige!!!!!!!!!

Heeya my besties,how are we all doin!. For me am doing really great,though I had a little cough but am good now,thank the Lord.

I had the previlage of attending a wedding ceremony ,with my sisi,it was quiet interesting,from the high class colourful decors, to the guest dela cream, you know what am saying! The event was well organized with series of comedians, to dancers and all what not.
To cut the story short ,the hight of the event was a game, how well you know your spouse.

This segment really cracked me like crazy,the couple, who had courted for years were taken unaware, as the anchor of the program decided to chip in some thing that wasn't on the agenda,the couple were shocked, guest suddenly got confused at their action ,well the anchor began to ask some questions .
These questions where simple but intimate questions ,but we were surprised that they couldn't answer most of their questions.

What's happening guests kept asking,this can't be happening,it felt like an embarrassment ,but immediately the groom stood up and went straight to the anchor and grabbed the Mic from him and said guy! This is my wedding reception, you are supposed to make it a fun moment not an interrogatory section,people now Felt at ease ,laughed over it and the topic was changed to a better and more interesting one.

Come to think of it, was it supposed to be a fun section ?, I feel Yes, because when you and your spouse get to answer correctly the crowd will cheer and people will assume ,yes! they know themselves to a reasonable extent and they are on point.

Well another aspect is that marriage isn't all about knowing the shoe size etc of your spouse though it means a lot to know but ,it's  also like a book,you learn each passing day about your partner and uncover a lot about each other.

If I where in their shoes said a guest sitting close to my table  , I will do what the groom did,and I will even go further to deduct from his pay for the embarrassment caused .Lol. but will that be necessary ,Lol just wondering!!!@@@ no need for bad blood.

What do you think of these couple ,were they shy to share themselves to the public,but if they were shy, they wouldn't have kissed LMAO!!!! the question that kept popping on my head ,could it be that they really don't know much about themselves ,or was it an arranged marriage with years of courtship,and they decided to get married after so much pressure from both parents.

At this present day  and time does arranged marriage still exist, I see arranged marriages as been in bondage ,captivity ,for the rest of once life ,especially  for the ladies.It's the person that wears the shoes that knows where it pinches.

Please parents ,allow your children to make their own choices,marriage isn't a child's play,when you commit it's eternal till death do us path.Well I don't know if that was the case for these couple ,but all I can say is that i wish them the very best in their marriage,I pray they enjoy all they goodies of been married.

I need your comments on these,what could have gone wrong,do  you  think they needed some time to practise for the  tiss questions,or do you think it was an arranged marriage. come on guys let's rub minds.

Luv y'all ,always stay positive and safe.