My Birthday Today and You are all invited!!!!!!!!

I want to first and foremost appreciate God for adding another
 year to my life. Yup!!!!!!!it's my birthday.Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well , telling my age has caused a lot of  confusion over the past years, but I am so thrilled to be  turning  26 again, last year I was 28 , that was because I was on the huge size, so my youngish side didn't play out well, but now I  can even opt for  a 20. Hehehehe.Arrrrrgh, age is only a number. Wink. So where are we! Ohk.

Am so overwhelmed and generous right now , I will  be parrrying all day and  guess what !!! you are all  invited,  yes you heard right ,yaaaaaaay!!!! I really want to share this special day with you all.

I would make for us all  a chocolata mud cake and pineapple upside down cake. With lots of other yummilicious things ,you wouldn't wanna miss this or to be told.

WHEN: 8th Dec 15

WHO: gistinteractive @

WEAR: Big smile, kissy Face, Giftswrapped,Hug.

WIGGLE: #HAPPYBYPHARRELL *of course that's what we're dancing to*

WHERE: # Sambisa

Please on the comment box start texting and booking for your seats. Don't forget to indicate what you want to  see on the menu list, it's very important .come well prepared both for the parry  and after's ganna be so ............... Lets leave it at that.

Luv Y'all.