Service providers, what are your challenges, you know, this is getting rather annoying,you  buy  a  data bundle,try to connect to the internet to get your  work done and the server says no network connection,so what happened to the data you just  purchased.

This is a very huge  problem , in the telecommunications industry. They keep billing on your data,no appologies for having a bad network connection. Then, you decide to put a call through to their customer service representative, they try to convince you to do hard reset, in some cases they even blame it on your phone or iPad. LOL !!!because they dont know better.

Thousands of Nigerians make use of these network operators and get billed monthly,so why can't the problem be fixed, so as to make their clients have value for what they have purchased.
I feel for this country, when is  it ever gonna get better.

Well, for some days now,I couldn't work with my data, but they keep billing on it,at the end  of  the month I would  be cut off wheather I exhaust the data or not,no additional extra days  to cover up for the No network days.  if you  don't subscribe automatically your left over data wouldn't be rolled over. This is ridiculous.

Well, this is no ranting but a disturbing issue. Only God can intervene on our behalf .

Let's hear your experience too , on how bad network, has caused you pain,maybe missed an interview,business deals, etc..I think if we get together and say no to this
intimidation it would come to an abrupt end.

But  you know what!! we cannot operate with out an internet connection. So should we have them  work on  the issue or just deal with it.

Love y'all as always. Stay safe and be  positive