Yum!!!!!!! Patched Traditional Cake Recipe

My darlyn baby clocked plus one yesterday,it was so much fun and I would like to share our  traditional cake recipe for you peeps.

I love the month of December, because in my family we  all are  december babies. I call it a traditional cake because we made use of traditional utensils. But the teaste of the cake is to die for.


Flour .........570g
Unsalted butter... 500g
Egg........ 10
Goldensyrup......2 tbsp
Baking powder....... 2 tsp
Lemon rind........2tbsp
Rum.............3 tbsp
Excel sponge.....2tbsp
Browning..........3 tbsp(optional)


Cream your butter and sugar  until fluffy,I was fed up of mixer, so I decided to use my wooden spoon and bowl .LOL the way we mix the good old days.

Get your cake pan of any shape ready,by having it creamed with butter and flour to prevent  the cake from sticking on the pan.

It actually took me like an hour to get that fluffy effect,then break two eggs,whisk it to incorporate air and then add it to the mixture and continue creaming then add the golden syrup.

Then in another bowl,break the remaining eggs,add the excel sponge and whisk thoroughly,until it's creamy like an ice cream  using your whisk or wire Goss.then set aside.

Get your flour,make sure you sieve it properly to prevent particles of dirt from entering your cake,it's so embarrassing when you take a bite and Oh my God Sand.Not good. On the tray take a little portion of the flour out, add your already sieve nutmeg,baking powder .

Get  the creamed batter,start mixing by adding the whisked eggs simultaneously while adding your flour, then add the flavour,the lemon rind,the rum .the last set of flour to add is the little portion you added nutmeg and baking powder.

Add  your browning,this is optional,but my baby loves patched Browning so I did what she likes.it's her day.LOL

Note : make sure you soak your lemon rind over night with the rum.

Well, I make use of a gas oven which isn't difficult to get heated,so I switch on my oven when am about to scoop my batter in the cake pan.

When scooping is done ,straight to the oven. Give it max 1hr or 45min .But make sure to use a clean toothpick, knife or anything that can be used to check if the cake is cooked.

Viola!!!! Your cake is ready. yum!!!!!
Please carefully use the recipe you would love it.

This is my little traditional cake recipe ,I made for my fun loving baby that loves her sweet taste bud.

 Share  your  special  recipe let's  learn from each other.


Love y'all.