Ladies Hello!!!!!Make-up or No Make-up!!!!!!

Hey dearies ,how beautiful do you look with out applying any form of make up.

Hmmmm,why do ladies use make up?is it to make them attractive or hide those big bulgy

pimples by the use of concealers or to enhance their  beauty.

What if our government declares  a compulsory No make-up  day for all adult females .LOL how many people would love to come out and show their O natural face.I went asking some ladies and here are some of the answers got me cracking.

  • Hmmmm,that wouldn't be funny for me oh,because making up, makes me happy and boost a little confidence in me!!!!

  • Oh boy that shouldn't happen oh ,my day would be ruined.

  • Well, as you can see am fair and beautiful I can do with out it duhh!!!hehehehehe.

  • I use them because I have got a lot of pimples am not proud of ,so i wouldn't show the public my  O natural face.Aww sorry.

  • Moving  around with out  applying make-up leaves me feeling sick and looking dull.

  • Well , God created make-up I love God and love what he has created so I would not come out that day .What!!!!@@@.

Alright I have heard enough,God created make-up ,I can't deal right now.

Well in my own opinion Just do what ever makes you happy,make up or no make-up,I love simple and well allied make-up that would just enhance your looks and leave you feeling sexy with yourself and smart.

That's my opinion ,what's yours.would love to know your thoughts on on the like button , share with friends and pen your comments.

Love Y'all. Stay safe and be positive.