Hello peeps ! Happy New year once again. Our kids are back to school ,parents are now a bit free to do some other things with out kids distracting them.I always miss my kids when the go to school,but sometimes handling them with your house chores can be something else.LOL

Anyway they are blessings,gift from the most high God and as such we have to devote time to always pray for them especially for good health,studies ,sound mind.etc. Here is a simple prayer just for our kids.

Join me to pray for all our children. Please take a moment to say this prayer for your children

My children  (name them)  are gifts and  testimonies and for this, they shall be blessed in Spirit and Soul. Their bodies shall be full of vitality of the Lord, their lives are garnished with wealth and abundance, as they are experiencing peace all around. I shall not mourn over my children, because they are satisfied with long life, they shall live long and take care of me. They will eat the good of this land and any land they step their feet. The Lord will not take them where there is no grace. The Lord will keep us together as a united family and our relationships will be more fruitful than ever before. Amen. Send this declaration to Parents and Parents in waiting and watch God bless your family richly and abundantly.

Please share this prayer to friends,family's,loved ones etc.

I wish our kids knowledge and understanding as the commence this team's work. Through Christ our God Amen.

Luv y'all. Stay safe and be positive.