Health Benefits Of Snall Are Suprisingly Amazing!!!!!

Snails are little creatures that moves slowly by mere crawling ,but surprisingly
It has a very long life span and survival rate is very feeds on mostly grases. This snalls are of different sizes,they can be small medium and large.These creatures when used to prepare a meal makes the meal complete .Due to its high nutritional content. It has different names in different cultures,ethnic groups,tribes and religion.

Well I know in French it is called,Les escargot,while in my own native language which is  igbo it is called egile,it is popularly known as Congo meat in Nigeria.. Photo

what is it called in your native dialects,I really want to know.
The nutritional values include protein which is very high,iron,magnesium,calcium,

Above is already shelled  and washed snail,ready to be prepared.